Our Story

     The most recent EP "Short Stack" - Is here!! Tracks such as "Reminisce," "My Brother Bob," and "Peabody Crump"... are available on your listening device in short order!
      Acoustic Solution is a multi-instrumental duo/trio, bringing a refreshing diversion from expected rock/pop/folk bands. Performing in their current form since 2003, their music is defined by the collection of instruments they bring to the stage. Six and twelve string guitars, lap-steel, fiddle, mandolins, banjo, bass, congas, various hand drums, traditional drums and percussion, piano, and harmonies supply interesting and constantly changing entertainment. 

      "A delight!... Even if we see you week after week, you have enough songs to hear something different each time - a mixture of songs, not just a 'set' performance" B.W. 

     "Awesome!! I thought I was listening to NPR!" Oliver X - RenoTahoeTonight.com 

     Acoustic Solution is not merely a cover band, though their arrangements of songs by artists such as: Crosby Stills and Nash, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, etc., as well as traditional fiddle tunes, Celtic instrumentals, and versions of everything from Petula Clark, to Gershwin, make for an exciting complement to their original own material. Their compositions such as; "I Don't Want to See Nobody But You," "Fire Helmet for Ava," "One Track Mind," "Tide of Blues/Once a Passage," along with arrangements of traditional tunes like, "The Kitchen Girl" and "Shady Grove," are showcased on their independent release Bakersfield, Ireland. 

           John Andrews brings over 40 years of professional musical experience to the group, with influences in folk, bluegrass, rock, and oldies. Seth Andrews began on drums as a youth, and quickly discovered his affinity and talent for guitar, keyboards and vocals. Wendy Andrews favors fiddle/violin and mandolin, and also has played with the Carson City Symphony.  

     If you're looking for a musical journey with departure from the average, come see 'Acoustic Solution' to hear "eclectic folk and electrified acoustic music".... and enjoy the show!